In addition to proprietary designed products, Almae Technologies offers access to its high-end platform to third parties for co-designed product development and technology services for customer designed product.


Using its well equiped technological platform, Almae technologies supplies individual process steps or bundle of process steps like:

  • Gratings definition (E-beam writings, semiconductor etching, epitaxial regrowth)
  • Backend process, facet coatings
  • Lithography, metal/dielectric deposition, dielectric/semiconductor etching

Custom design

Almae Technologies internal design team has a long standing and world recognized expertise on integrated photonic circuits design. Our offer covers the following services:

  • Design of epitaxial heterostructures
  • Architecture and foundry compatible mask design for DFB Lasers, electroabsorption modulators, optical amplifiers, directly modulator lasers, passive components, photodetectors or any photonic circuits integrating these functions
  • Custom technological process in clean room using our platform
  • Flip chip or hybridation compatible designs for integration in larger photonic circuits (expertise used in three external projects: MASSTARTAPPLAUSE and IRT Nanoelec)

Pure Play Fondry

Based on its state of the art platform, Almae also offers to its customer pure play InP foundry services such as:

  • MOVPE or MBE epitaxial growth (Phosphorus or Aluminum based quaternary materials), regrowth for buried gratings, butt-joint integration, and waveguide overgrowth
  • Clean Room fabrication
  • Backend packaging and electro-optics characterizations (LIV, optical spectrum, bandwidth, eye diagram) for preliminary qualifications of prototypes

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