Management Team

Jean Louis Gentner – CEO

Dr. Jean-Louis Gentner holds an Engineering degree in Physics and a PhD in Electronics, he has been serving as Epitaxy Group leader, PIC technology Group leader and Director of III-V lab, as well as Administrator for Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia in his previous role as employee of Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia Bell Labs. He co-founded Almae Technologies end of 2015 and became the CEO in March 2016, and since then has been actively developing the company to become one of the leading supplier for advanced photonic chip technology.

François Lelarge – CTO

Dr. François Lelarge received the master degree in material science in 1993, and carried out his PhD until 1996 with the Laboratory of Microstructures and Microelectronic (CNRS, France) on GaAs/AlAs superlattices grown by MBE, and his postdoctoral until 2000 at the Institute of Micro and Optoelectronics (Lausanne, Switzerland) on MOCVD InGaAs/GaAs quantum wires. He worked at III-V Lab for 15 years, in charge of the Epitaxy and New Material Technology team. Then he joined Almae Technologies as Chief Technological Officer at its creation in 2016.

Wei Cao – COO

Mr. Wei Cao holds an Master degree in Material Physics in Wuhan University, China. He has been serving as International Business Director, R&D Manager and Strategy & Marketing Manager of Accelink. He Joined Almae Technologies in early 2018 and became the COO of the company since then.