Products and Markets

Almae Technologies product portfolio is made of high speed transmitters for Telecom/Datacom markets:
  • 10Gb/s products for PON → FTTH/Telecom market
  • 100Gb/s products for DCI → Data Center market
  • 50-100Gb/s products for 5G → Wireless market
  • DWDM, CWDM, LAN-WDM channels

The company is currently producing or developing the following externally modulated lasers (EMLs), available as wafers, bars or singulated chips:

  • TDM C-band 10G-EML qualified by Tier1 customers
  • DWDM C-band 10G EML : Datasheet
  • DWDM C-band 25G EML
  • High power 1577nm 10G EML
  • O-band 25/50G EML
  • O-band high power lasers with low divergence

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