About Us

Almae designs and manufactures InP based ultra-high speed integrated photonic chips which are essential to next generation telecom and datacom infrastructures, and more broadly to all future connectivity solutions.

Almae Technologies was founded in 2016 as an industrial spin-off company from III-V Lab (a joint Nokia, Thales and CEA-Leti industrial research laboratory). Almae Technologies has a business activity focused on advanced R&D, production and sales of innovative photonic technology and next generation photonic products addressing Telecom and Datacom market demand for ultra-high speed optical data transmission.

Almae’s buried heterostructure laser technology offers a seamless solution to scale transmission speed from 10G to more than 100Gb/s. Benefits of our technology are found in lower chip to fiber or waveguide coupling losses, thanks to easy to integrate spot size converter, lower thermal resistance enabling high temperature operation, smallest size modulator and intrinsic low capacitance to give the best overall performance.

With 2000 m² of clean room and a complete set of production tools, Almae Technologies has an annual production capacity of more than one thousand 3” or 4” InP wafers. Wafer fab organization enables a quick wafer turnaround time for new product development and a straightforward and seamless transfer to production. Almae premises are located in Marcoussis, France, south of Paris in the heart of the Paris-Saclay high-tech campus.