Versatile Externally Modulated Lasers Technology for Multiple Telecommunication Applications

Abstract: This paper presents our technological approach for Externally Modulated Lasers (EMLs), based on Semi-Insulating Buried Heterostructure (SIBH) waveguide. We use Gas Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy (GSMBE) to grow the Phosphorus-based multi-quantum wells for both laser and modulator sections with butt-joint integration. The same GSMBE grows the p-doped InP claddings with low-diffusion Be dopant, leading to an accurate control of doping profiles, ensuring very steep modulator extinction curves. We present the main EML design rules and compromises, then apply them to different EMLs aiming at major telecom and datacom applications. After presenting characteristics of the standard 10 Gb/s C-band EML, we propose a 10 Gb/s EML at 1577 nm for next generation access networks, with a record high 10.5 dBm facet modulated power. Then we present high-speed EMLs up to 56 GBaud for datacenter interconnections, both in O- and C-band, aiming at very low peak-to-peak modulation voltage (< 1.2 V), high facet modulated power (> 4.4 dBm), and compatible with uncooled operation (20 to 70 °C). These results confirm the efficiency and versatility of this technological platform for EMLs in a broad range of applications.